veneer peeling

  • 4 feet servo veneer peeling lathe
4 feet servo veneer peeling lathe

4 feet servo veneer peeling lathe

  • spindle less veneer peeling machine
  • servo system
  • 50m/min
  • heavy duty
  • Product description: 4 feet veneer peeling lathe,veneer peeling machine,spindle less veneer peeling machine

Servo spindleless veneer peeling and cutting machine is the newest model of veneer peeling machine for veneer production. veneer peeling lathe machine.

we have some distinctive features:

Auxiliary debarking and rounding.

Servo system improves the thickness uniformity and width accuracy, as well as ensures remarkable full-sized tail veneer.

With operating screen.

Automatic lubrication oil system reduces the machine friction, save the lubrication work time.

Chroming harden cross rollers and big diameter bearings ensure the rollers and bearings have long working life.

Feed screw propulsion system is applied due to its perfect performance and compact structure.

Model                                                  YGXQ50-130S

Max. working log diameter                      500mm

Max. working log length                         1300mm

Min. diameter of left log                         32mm  /25mm (without rounding function)

Roller size and speed                             125mm*1370mm and 125mm*1430mm 128r/min

Veneer thickness                                    0.8-3.6mm

Rotary peeling knife size(L*W*H)           1400*130*12.7mm(can change to use local knife).

Rotary cutting knife size(L*W*H)             1400*70*10mm

Motor power                                         33.2kw   (7.5kw*1+11kw*2+2.2kw*1+1.5kw*1)

Rolling curve speed                                50m/min

Overall dimension(L*W*H)                     4420*2200*1360mm

Weight                                                 4500kg