log debarking

  • 8 feet spindle less log rounding machine
8 feet spindle less log rounding machine

8 feet spindle less log rounding machine

  • spindle less
  • log rounding machine
  • log debarking machine
  • max 500mm logs
  • Product description: spindle less log rounding machine,log debarker,log debarking machine

8feet log rounding machine

Log debarker is used for rounding log and removing the bark before peeling. And it is suitable for the eucalyptus, pine, cotton wood and other trees. Before peeling, it removes the log’s skin and makes wood straight. Chrome plated rollers are more wear-resitant. Grooves along the roller surface make it difficult for bark to get stuck around the rollers. Hydraulic driven feed mechanism can quickly and efficiently put  Log in and remove bark and make the wood round.

Well-designed with quality materials and precise manufacturing, each part ensures the continuity of the quality work. One set debarker can supply 2 sets peeling machine. A front and back feed keeps the logs moving in and out of the debarker efficiently and a large oil pump keeps the feeds well-lubricated and working smoothly. It greatly saves the original manual peeling and rounding procedure, helping save 5-6 workers.

Model                                                                      YGBP130                                              YGBP260

Max. working log length                                             1300mm                                             2600mm

Log diameter range                                                   80-500mm                                           80-500mm

Working speed                                                             50m/min                                            50m/min

Knife size(L*W*H)                                             1400*180*16mm                                   2700*180*16mm

Total power                                                                    22kw                                                    30kw

Overall dimension                                                3560*2150*1100mm                     4900*2250*1450mm

Weight                                                                            3000kg                                                5800kg

Peeling rate                                                                        99%                                                       99%

Wood loss rate                                                                   1%                                                         1%

Roller surface                                                               chrome plate                                    chrome plate